4th and 5th Grade Science Fair

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4th and 5th Grade Science Fair

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On Tuesday, February 28, 4th and 5th grade had their annual science fair. The science fair is when students get to create and perform their own experiment, then present it to other students, teachers, and parents. The students have been working on their science fair project for about 2 months now. This was an individual project that allowed students to come up with and create their own question, hypothesis, and scientific procedure. Fourth grade had to do their science fair project about plants, while the fifth graders had the opportunity to choose what project they wanted to do. Projects ranged from growing plants in shoes to determining if color affects taste. Mrs. Gripp approved each project and had check points along the way. First she checked the students question and hypothesis. Then she checked their materials and procedures. Students then presented their projects in Holy Angel Hall after church and got the chance to go around and look at the other experiments the other students did. Fourth grade laid all their projects side by side with their findings on two long tables. Fifth graders had to create a poster board presenting their experiment and their findings.


Here are some projects that 4th and 5th graders did:


Wyatt D., a 4th grader, tested if radishes could grow in a Darth Vader mask.


Neci D., a 4th grader, tested if a pea plant could grow in an empty coffee can. She used shredded paper and peace seeds.


Holly H., a 5th grader, put an egg in vinegar until it created a rubber ball-like coating and the shell went away. Then she tested if the egg would bounce.


Madeleine S., a 5th grader, tested if mint can cool down water.


Congratulations to the 4th and 5th graders on a job well done on their science fair!

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