Novice Speech Competition

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Novice Speech Competition

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This year for speech, kids in 5th grade are having a separate competition which is the day before the junior high one and the same day as the first day of the debate one. Instead of only being able to do story telling, the kids are allowed to participate in the same categories as the junior high kids are, such as duo interpretation. We interviewed Angelo Kvochak, Madeleine Schneiders and Erin Michelena during the competition.


What category are you competing in?

Angelo: I’m competing in storytelling.

Erin: I’m competing in duo interpretation with Madeleine.

Madeleine: I’m competing in duo interpretation with Erin.


How are you feeling so far?

Angelo: I’m feeling very nervous.

Erin: I’m feeling proud of myself so far.

Madeleine: I’m feeling kind of scared.


What is your favorite part of the competition?

Angelo: I really enjoy all of the food.

Erin: My favorite part is performing.

Madeleine: Yeah, I’d have to say performing.


All of the competitors did amazing, but unfortunately only one could place. We interviewed Arthur Camara who got 1st place in storytelling.


How did it feel to win for your category?

Arthur: It felt really great because I know that all of my hard work paid off.


Which book did you perform?

Arthur: I performed Dragon was Terrible by Kelly DiPucchio.


What are some words of advice that you have to offer for people who want to win?

Arthur: I would just say to work your hardest and believe in yourself, and you will win.


Congratulations to the novice speech team!