4th Grade Field Trip

On Thursday, April 6, the 4th Grade went on a field trip to Leonis Adobe in Calabasas, since the they are studying California History. Leonis Adobe is an adobe-brick house that was restored to its original form. Here they got a glimpse of what life was like in California during the late 1800’s-early 1900’s. We interviewed Victoria U and Patrick M. After being asked about her favorite part of the trip Victoria said “I really liked when we got to make butter, feed animals, and make tortillas.” Patrick said, “ My favorite part was playing with, connecting with, and feeding the animals.” When asked about what she thought overall about she said, “I thought that it was very fun and interesting.” Patrick said, “It is a good experience for children who need to get off their electronics and connect with nature.” When asked for a rating on the field trip, Victoria said, “I would say it was about a 9.5/10.” Patrick said, “It is definitely a 10 out of 10.” Sounds like the 4th graders had a great time and got to see firsthand what they were learning about in class.