Saint Philip the Apostle Feast Day


On Wednesday, May 3, St. Philip the Apostle students celebrated Saint Philip the Apostle on his feast day. This is something that the school does every year to honor Saint Philip. On his feast day, students can come to school wearing hats since Saint Philip is the patron saint of hatmakers. The students headed over to Holy Angel Hall for a morning assembly in honor of Saint Philip and they received pan dulce when they walked into the hall. Pan dulce is sweet bread that has sugar on the top. Students eat pan dulce to honor the fact that Saint Philip is the Patron Saint of Bakers. Not much is known about Saint Philip, but students at school learn what it means to be an apostle and how they can act like Saint Philip. This year, grades kindergarten through 5th grade created acrostic poems using the word “Apostle”. Sixth grade created a video showing how students can be including of one another and seventh and eighth grade put on skits to show how students can help one another and be kind to one another.

This is a yearly celebration for our school to honor our beloved saint, Saint Philip.  This celebration taught us what “Apostle” means and how we can be kind to one another.