NBA Playoffs

The NBA playoffs have come, and this one has already had historic games. To get into the playoffs the best teams from each conference (depending how on record out of 82 games) from the East and West conferences. In this first round in the West, the Warriors (1) swept the Blazers (8) in this best of 7 series using their home court to their advantage to win 4-0. As of Friday, May 5, 2017, the Warriors are currently playing the victor Utah Jazz (5) who recently beat the Clippers in a stunning 7 game with an upset in LA. The Warriors are currently up 2-0 after an easy win Thursday in Oakland. The Spurs (2) had a comfortable win over the Grizzlies (7) in this series as they won in game 6 which was held in Memphis (Grizzlies home court) on Saturday, April 29. The Spurs will now play the Houston Rockets (3) who on April 25, beat the MVP favorite, Russell Westbrook, and the Thunder (6) 4-1. Now the series is at a close competition with a stunning 2-1 lead by San Antonio with game 4 in Houston on May 7, 2017. Including this, the Cleveland Cavaliers (2) dominated their Pacers (7) in the first round also through home court advantage to win 4-0. They are now playing the Toronto Raptors (who recently beat the Milwaukee Bucks in 6 games) now taking a commanding 3-0 lead with game 4 in Toronto, May 7, 2017. Lastly, after the Washington Wizards (3) and Atlanta Hawks (6) battled it out in a close 6 games the Washington Wizards now advance to the second round facing the first seed Boston Celtics who (a few days ago) cruised past the Bulls after losing their first two home games. The series is currently in favor of Boston who is winning 2-1 with game 4 on Saturday, May 7.


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