Best Knott’s Berry Farm Rides

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Best Knott’s Berry Farm Rides

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Recently, we have been to Knott’s Berry Farm and really enjoyed it. There are many rides, all of different types. What rides you will enjoy there depends on what you like. Some rides are Xcelerator, Supreme Scream, Silver Bullet, Montezuma’s Revenge, and Ghostrider. Our favorite ride is Xcelerator, which we think is the most intense roller coaster at Knott’s Berry Farm. We also enjoyed all of the intense rides and The Log Ride. We decided to interview some students to see what their favorite rides at Knott’s Berry Farm are.

Dominic Domenghini, 8B

My favorite ride is Montezuma’s Revenge.


Alexis Perez, 7A

I like Supreme Scream.


Skylar Medina, 6A

My favorite ride is Supreme Scream.


Jessica Frias, 5B

My favorite ride is the Jaguar.


Alex Creger, 4B

I like The Log Ride!


Lulu Stolpe, 4A

I think The Log Ride is really fun!


Knott’s Berry Farm is very fun, and it has enjoyable rides for everyone. Even people who don’t like intense roller coasters can have a good time here! We suggest you come with your family or friends and make sure to have fun!