Goodbye Class of 2017!

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Goodbye Class of 2017!

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As our class graduates, we’ve all had different experiences and memories at St. Philip. We’ve all had both good times and bad, but overall we’ll all miss this school. A lot of people have been here since kindergarten but even those of us who came as late as 7th grade still have hundreds of amazing memories at St. Philip. We decided to ask some 8th graders what they liked about St. Philip for some final thoughts before we all leave.


Katie Yan, 8B

I’m excited for high school, but I’ll definitely miss the teachers here!


Henry Schienders, 8B

I liked how close everyone’s gotten this year.


Nathan Fajardo, 8A

The sports have been really fun.


Vivian Nguyen, 8A

I really liked working on Capstone!


Maggie Giardello, 8B

I’m gonna miss seeing my friends every day.


We also decided to ask a few of the teachers some of the things they liked about our class

Mrs. O’Toole (Language Arts, 8B homeroom)

I will miss the energy of this class and creativity. I have learned a lot about myself and teaching from this 8th grade class. I will also always remember this class as my last year teaching 8th grade!


Mr. W (Social Studies, 8A homeroom)

I enjoyed how good this class was when we were in D.C.


Mrs. Scanlan (Math, 6B homeroom)

I loved knowing most of you guys since you were in 2nd grade.
We enjoyed our time here at St. Philip the Apostle School and are sad that it is all coming to an end. We know that our fellow classmates will go far and succeed in life. Goodbye Falcons!