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New Hatchimals

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Hatchimals Colleggitbles

Hatchimals were a cool, new toy that came out around Christmas time. During the Christmas season, this was a must have toy that every child wanted and every parent was scrambling to get. At that time, many parents had trouble getting a Hatchimal because they kept selling out. Now the Hatchimals brand has come out with a new toy: Hatchimals Colleggitbles. Hatchimal Colleggitbles come in different packages and contain a certain number of eggs in each package. There are a four pack, a two pack with a nest, and a one pack with a single egg to hatch. To hatch the egg, you rub the egg to warm it up. As it warms up, the heart on the egg will change color (from purple to pink). When the egg hatches, you peel back the eggshell to reveal the Hatchimal Colleggtible that you collected. On each package there is a list of all the Hatchimals Colleggitbles you can collect. You can purchase Hatchimal Colleggitbles at Spin Master, Amazon, Target, Toys R Us, Walmart, and KMart.

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New Hatchimals