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Autobiography Book Cover

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This year the eighth grade had to do an autobiography project.  On the last day of May, the project was due.  It had to be in a book format.  Printing out all of the paper to make the book was the easy part, but putting it all together with a cover was the hard part.  Today we are going to teach you how to make a book cover.


First, you need to go with your parents to your local supplies store and buy two pieces of the same color construction paper.  Next, when you are at the store, you are supposed to buy three same color or different color ribbons.  When you get home, print out all of your papers and align them.  Next, put a piece of construction paper in the front and in the back.  After you do that, you need to find a three hole punch and hole punch all of the papers together.  Once everything is aligned and hole punched, you add the ribbons.  You slip the ribbons through the holes and tie them to your liking.  You need to do that three times and make sure that all of the ribbons are tight so your book with not fall apart.  
Finally, you should decorate your cover in a very special and creative way.  We hope that you enjoy working on this project as much as we did.

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Alexander Balian, Contributor
Alexander Balian is an 8th grader at St. Philips in Mr. W’s class.  He has a sister who is in Mrs. Simone’s class. Alexander loves to play sports such as baseball, basketball, and soccer.  His favorite color is green.  Alexander excels in Math, Science, and Social Studies class.  He looks forward to his last year...
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Autobiography Book Cover