Why You Should Adopt a Pet


As some people may know, Clear the Shelters Day was a while ago on August 19. This date has now passed, but this does not mean you don’t have a chance at getting a new pet. There are many dogs, cats, and other animals in pounds and shelters still waiting for a forever home. Everyone may or may not have asked for a pet at one point in time, but here are some reasons why you should adopt a new pet.

  1. Many lives can be improved by adopting a pet. By adopting a new pet, you are adopting a new source of entertainment for your family, a new friend to relax with, and a new member for your family to love. When you are sad, there is a pet for you to cheer you up. When you are bored, there is a pet for you to play with.
  2. By adopting a pet, you are also saving a life. There are many stray dogs and cats that have to be taken in by shelters. As a result, the shelters often become overcrowded and that causes some animals to be put down. By adopting some of these pets, you are taking them away from the possibility of them being put down.
  3. Adopting (not shopping) is better. Buying a pet can cost a lot more than adopting a pet from a local shelter. When you shop for a pet, you tend to get younger pets like puppies and kittens which are a handful. When adopting, you get a larger age range of animals. Older pets can make better first pets than younger animals, which are more of a responsibility.
  4. Adopting pets can have physical and mental health benefits. According to a study on cleartheshelters.com, “pet ownership has been shown to help lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels and feelings of loneliness.” Even if you have allergies to cats or dogs, there are specific breeds of dogs and cats that do not have dander or shed fur. Poodles are less likely to cause allergies because they do not shed and do not have dander. For people allergic to cat’s saliva a good breed is Siberian and for people allergic to dander or undercoats good breeds are Ragdoll (no undercoat), Javanese (no undercoat and less dander allergens), and Oriental Shorthair (less dander).

If you are still not sure, here are some comments about owning pets from our falcons!

How many pets do you have?


“I have one pet”-Ella, a student

“I have three pets, a dog and a cat”-Eva, a student

“I currently have one pet”-Madison C., a student

“Six”-Joe K., a student


Have you ever gone a long time without having pets? What was is like?


“Yes, well it felt like I didn’t have a companion anymore”-Ella

“I felt really happy when I got puppies again”-Eva

“I’ve always had a pet”-Joe K.


Do you enjoy having pets? Why?


“Yes because she is always there when I need her”-Ella

“I enjoy having pets because they make you happy, you feel safe with them, and they protect you”-Eva

“Yes, a lot. Having a pet is comforting”-Madison C.

“Yes because I like the company and it helps me exercise”-Joe K.


What is your favorite part of having pets?


“My favorite part of having a dog is when you feel sad or down, they are there for you to play with”-Ella

“The safeness you feel when you are around them”-Eva

“Having fun with my pet”-Madison C.

“They keep me warm at night”-Joe K.


I have had pets as long as I can remember. It is just a great feeling to come home to a companion that is so excited to see you, play with you, and relax with you. I could never imagine my life without having pets to come home to everyday. They really calm me down when I am stressed out and lay with me when I want to relax. By adopting a pet, you are not only helping to make room in shelters, you are also adding a great experience of a life-long companion and family member to your life. Go ahead and adopt a pet today!