Interviewing New Teachers


In this 2017-18 school year, we have had the amazing chance to welcome 4 new members to the St. Philip family and have 2 old members move to a new position. In junior high, the new religion teacher is Mrs. Hedgpeth. Mrs. Hedgpeth worked at Assumption for 25 years and spent 20 of those years teaching 5th grade and 5th grade religion. Hedgpeth says she has always wanted to be a teacher. Our 2nd junior high teacher is Mrs. Morales, a lot of students know Mrs. Morales from her many years as a St. Philip substitute. Mrs. Morales has taught 4 years of 5th and 6th grade math, so she is very experienced.

The third teacher is Coach Weatherall, now, this teacher is a real hard core athlete. He is a former collegiate athlete and once had a track scholarship. He has taught 3 years of PE. The final new teacher is Mrs. Taylor. Mrs. Taylor been a science teacher for Kindergarten through fifth grade for 5 years. She has never been a first grade homeroom and she says she is so excited for the year. 

The old junior high religion teacher, Mrs. Bello, has moved to junior high Language Arts. Also, the old Language Arts teacher for junior high, Ms. O’Toole, has moved to 4th grade.

So far it looks like we have a fabulous group of teachers ready for an amazing school year. Good luck teachers!