New First Graders

This week we’re going to check in with the first grade to see how their year is going so far. We chose and interviewed Johnny, Mallory, Mark, Edwin and Ginger to represent the first grade.

Mallory said that her favorite class is music. The boys and Ginger said their favorite subject is P.E.. Mark told me that he is enjoying first grade and recess is his favorite time of the day. Johnny kept talking about how he thinks his teacher is very nice also Edwin said his new class is fun and that he excited for a new year. The kids started talking about how play-doh and legos were their favorite toys and that was the end of the interview. After that, I asked Ms. Gonzalez about her favorite part of teaching first grade. She, at first, couldn’t choose but eventually she said, “My favorite part is doing creative activities with the kids.”, I can tell everyone in first grade is going to have a fun year.