Kindergartners Meeting Their 8th Graders


The first few weeks of school are pretty exciting for everyone. Every year it’s especially special for our newest falcons, the kindergarteners! During these first few weeks the baby falcons will be getting to know the school most of them will be at for 9 years. A very important part of being a student at a catholic school, is catholic faith. At Saint Philip the Apostle, school families are a huge part of our catholic education. Our families include 1 or more falcons from grades K-8th. The 8th graders are considered the family leaders, with the help of the teacher assigned to the family. During family activities we gather all together in our assigned teachers classroom. There are usually activities planned already in which the 8th grader shall lead and help the rest of the family. Along with family activities every first Tuesday of the month mass is attended to the other Tuesday’s.Every single year there are new kindergartners and new 8th grade leaders. It’s always very fun and interesting when the kindergartners meet their eighth graders.  This year our eighth graders read books to their kindergartners. After reading they would introduce themselves and get to know the newest addition to the family. Families at Saint Philip’s are an awesome way to express our Catholic faith while having fun. In the end we are all one family at Saint Philip’s.