DIY Water Bottle Craft


Water bottle craft

Wondering what to do with a plastic water bottle. Instead of just throwing it away why not make a cute little airplane piggy bank to store money!!!!



  • 1 Empty plastic water
  • Scissors
  • Blue and white paper  
  • tape


  1. Wrap the plastic water bottle in white paper and tape the paper to the water bottle.
  2. Next, make an oval that is 3 inches long and 2 inch wide, with white paper, and tape the oval to the end of the water bottle.(This will be the tail)
  3. After, cut 2 oval that are 1 ½ inches long and 1 centimeter wide, with blue paper, and tape each one to both sides of the previous oval that was made in step two.(These will be part of the tail)
  4. Later, with blue paper cut 2 ovals that are 3 ½ inches long 2 ½ inches wide and tape to both sides of the water bottle.(These will be the wings)
  5. Next, make 6 circles with blue paper. Place 3 on top of 1 the wing and the other 3 on top of the other wing.(This will be the windows)
  6. Lastly, make a whole on the top so that the pennies can get inside.

Hope u had fun making this airplane piggy bank!!!