Aladdin: The Play



Get ready for a magical night at the theatre! Aladdin: The Play is coming to Hollywood January 10, 2018. Aladdin The Play is based off of the 1992 animated Disney film. It takes place in Agrabah, an Arabian city. Aladdin: The Play is about a street urchin, who stumbles on a magical lamp that produces a genie. The genie gives Aladdin 3 wishes that he must use wisely. Aladdin later finds himself in the midst of a dangerous plan made by the Grand Vizier who wants Aladdin’s lamp. This play includes old songs from the 1992 Disney movie and some new songs! Aladdin is played by Adam Jacobs. Jasmine is played by Courtney Reed. Aladdin is here January 10 – March 31 2018. Aladdin: The Play is coming to the Pantages Theatre soon so if you would like to see it get your tickets by clicking this link!