Harry Styles concert


On September 20th 2017, Harry Styles played the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. The entire concert was sold out. A band called Muna opened for Styles and played their original songs. Soon after a curtain was dropped, the lights went out and there was a silhouette on stage that was obviously Harry Styles. The curtain lifted and he wore a blue floral suit. He played his entire album and thanked everyone for showing up even though he only had a few songs. Then Styles played two of his old hits from his One Direction days, “What makes you Beautiful” and “Stockholm Syndrome”. During one of the songs a fan was waving a LGBT pride flag. He took the flag from them as they as waved it, then he wore it was a cape and tied it to his microphone. He ended the show by singing “Sing of the Times”, the first song released on the album.