Brother Trouble

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. You may remember me. I am a shapeshifter. It all started last year after Bump Up when I tripped and fell into a river and grabbed a shiny blue rock. Last time I took the shiny blue rock to school and… it didn’t turn out so well. So, I wasn’t so dumb this time and kept it in my room on my desk.

All was fine until my brother Ryan came in the room looking for his toy Nerf Gun. He started going through my closet and dumped all of my freshly folded clothes. I told him to stop but he didn’t and he started going through my drawers. Ryan looked at my dinosaur books. He said they should be back in the library. I told him to get out. He finally got to the top of my shelf and he grabbed my blue shiny rock! Ryan turned into a pterodactyl! I yelled at him to put it down and he dropped it from his claws. He turned back into a boy and said “Ok, Ok, I’ll get out what’s your problem?” Phew, I said. That is the last time I let my Ryan into my room!