Top Halloween Costumes 2017

Top Halloween Costumes 2017

Looking for a Halloween costume? Halloween is coming up fast and there are tons of costumes to choose from! The top 5 most popular Halloween costumes from 2017 are below. Some are the classics, but some are from new movies, tv shows, etc. You may get some ideas from this list and make your own DIY costume, or you could go ahead and buy a costume that is on this list. These costumes aren’t very expensive. The prices range from $20-$40 dollars. Hurry and buy your favorite Halloween costumes otherwise they may sell out! The top Halloween costume list is below. Happy Halloween!


  • Penny Wise: Penny Wise is the killer clown from the movie “IT” who goes unnoticed by adults and has the ability to shape shift. This is a popular costume this year because the movie just came out. Viewers put on the Penny Wise costume because it would give a good scare to trick or treaters and party goers.
  • Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman is a superhero, or amazon princess who saves the world from Ares, the god of war. Wonder Woman is popular this year because she is a strong female leader, and because the movie just came out. We may see many people dressed as Wonder Woman in the costume parade. She is a wonderful role model!


  • Belle from Beauty and the Beast: This costume is my personal favorite! Belle is a village girl, who goes on an adventure to save the beast from a powerful spell. There are two types for this costume. Village Dress Belle, and the classic yellow dress Belle. Pick whichever one you think most resembles you. This will be a popular costume this year because Belle is a strong female role-model, a princess, and a rebel.


  • Kylo Ren: Kylo Ren is the villain in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. His father is Han Solo and his mother is Princess Leia. Kylo Ren wants to carry out Darth Vader’s mission to destroy the empire. Kylo Ren fights many fights against the Light Side of the force, and regrets some of his evil actions. This will be a popular costume among the Star Wars fans for years to come.


  • Superman: Superman is a superhero, who devoted his life to helping others with his superhero abilities. These abilities include, superhuman strength, x-ray vision, heat ray vision, cold breath, super speed, and enhanced hearing. Superman’s one weakness is Kryptonite which is a type of mineral that makes Superman weak. This costume will be popular this year because the tv, show “SuperGirl” is out, “Batman .v.s. Superman” came out, and the old movies and tv shows of Superman are still available. Everyone loves Superman because he helps and saves people even if it may cost him his life.


I hope you like the top 5 Halloween costumes for 2017!