NFL players sitting during National Anthem


There is now a controversy about NFL players sitting during the National Anthem, after a tweet by Donald Trump. The tweet stated that the players are disrespecting our country, and they should get fired. The players began to kneel to show more respect to the soldiers of our country.  Many of the NFL owners responded saying that they respected the players decisions to kneel. Many teams around the NFL now kneel during the National Anthem, others kneel before it. Other athletes such as Lebron James said that the NFL players should not have to be getting into protests and just play football. Many people have different opinions about the protests, and so do I. I believe the NFL players should always stand during the National Anthem. I believe this because many soldiers died fighting and protecting our country. When a tragic event happens I would not care if the players protested because they care about the people who live in our country. I am against them kneeling because they are not really praising the flag but protesting for their beliefs. My conclusion is that the players should not have the right to sit or kneel during the anthem.  NFL players should not be judged for protesting but should be enjoyed watching football.