Haunted House


The eyes of the paintings followed him down the corridor. There were spider webs everywhere. The long carpet was unrolled all the way down to a big wooden door. The curtains were softly swaying but it was far from comforting. Blake stopped to admire the giant piece of artwork before Sloan ushered him on. He reluctantly walked away before looking over his shoulder to notice something off about the painting. Brushing the feeling off, he remembered the events leading up to this.

It all started when the group went hiking on a steep hill when it started to rain just as they came upon a large house. As the hill was getting slippery and none of them brought an umbrella, thinking it was going to be a sunny day, Stella decided to go in to wait for the rain to go away and to restore energy. Sloan was not too excited to go in, while Blake did not believe in ghosts so he was willing to go in. They knocked on the colossal, metal doors before going in when they received no answer. They stepped inside one by one starting to take in everything they saw.

The chandeliers were covered in spider webs along with everything else in the room. The tables and chairs were covered in an inch of dust. Stella ran her hand along the table making fingerprints in the dust. She inspected the dust on her fingers before blowing it off. The paintings on the walls were enormous compared to themselves. All the people in the paintings had a knowing look to them in a sinister way as if they were expecting something bad to happen to the kids admiring them. A long, dusty carpet ran underneath their feet with many designs. The lights on the walls were covered in spider webs but still giving an eery small glow.

The group decided on exploring the place as they didn’t know how long they were going to be there. Sloan slowly walked down the corridor, taking in everything she could see. She wasn’t thrilled to be in here because she had believed in ghosts before, but she decided not to believe in them. She peeked inside a room only to find more furniture covered in dust and tossing on their sides as if someone was looking for something. Blake turned the knob to another room to find that the door was locked. Wondering why, he found a small piece of metal to pick the lock.

After a few tries to pick the lock, he slowly opened the door. Blake peered inside of the room to find it pitch black. He started to look for lights when they turned on slightly for him to see only directly what is in front of him. Suddenly, the door closed itself leading him to try to run towards it. He tripped over a piece of furniture and a shrill cry came from the other side of the darkness. Stumbling, he walked towards the door when icy fingers gripped him in the dim light. He turned quickly only to immediately see why the door was locked in the first place…