2017 Fall Festival Entertainment

There are some major changes coming to this year’s fall festival in the entertainment department! But like they say, change is good. I was lucky enough to interview Mrs. Simone, one of our awesome 5th grade teachers here at SPAS, whose husband will actually be headlining this year’s entertainment! Here’s what she had to say:


Falcons Flyer:What is the band’s name?

Kristy Simone: The Smokin’ Cobras


FF:How long has it been around?

KS: 6 years


FF:Any preview or hints as to what’s coming?

KS: Be ready for some 50’s and 60’s songs!


FF: Does he sing his own songs?

KS: He performs cover songs which are songs created originally by other artists.


FF:Will any teachers be making any special appearances?

KS: Maybe… you’ll have to wait and see!


FF: How often does he perform?

KS: Every week.


Other additions to this year’s fall festival include more live music, karaoke, DJ Lionel Mabasa, and of course some dancing to go along. Other features of this years fall festival include our delicious food, fun games, and of course our traditional bingo. Don’t forget to stop by and say hi October 21st from 4-10 PM!