Jr High Social at Saint Felicitas


The Jr. High students had a neon Halloween themed social last Friday. The social was from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Saint Felicitas was very generous and hosted the social. At the social they had pizza and drinks and fun activities planned for us. At first nobody was there then the party started getting hyped when others arrived. They played all kinds of songs and I think everyone had a blast and didn’t want the party to end. Sometimes the music at these socials are not always the best, but the DJ last Friday was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. It was definitely awesome because a little more than half of the people there were from SPAS. It kinda felt like we were 1 big old family at a family barbecue with a couple of strangers. Don’t forget it was a social, therefore, new people met each others and friends were made. Mosh Pits were moshed, the macarena was danced, and songs were sang. My personal favorite memory from the past social was being in the middle of the mosh pit. I just was able to let go of everything and dance the night away. I really can’t wait for the next social! Wish we could have them every week 🙂