Behind The Scenes of Student Council


Every morning your teacher turns on the projector and all of a sudden there are two students talking, well those are two student council members. Every week a different committee is selected to do announcements at assembly, on youtube, the intercom and sometimes even at church. Doing announcements is not as easy as you may think, every morning the members must arrive at 7:45 to prepare by cleaning the cards that have each prayer, and writing down the joke of the day, birthdays and announcements. The cue cards are very useful because if a member forgets something they can just take a peek at the card. The card holder must keep the cards directly under the camera, so they don’t block it. As a student council member, I am always stressing about announcements because it is scary to go in front of the whole school, or speaking on youtube. When we are live very few mistakes happen, sometime the two speakers get confused or the card holder drops the cards. Most of mistakes are when the card holder drops them, we try to act normal and keep on going.   I always try to come early to help Mrs. Yanish, Mrs Perez, or Mrs. Carmen prepare. I like representing my school on youtube because I want the younger kids to loop out to us and join student council as well. Broadcasting for student council is very fun but stressful, and I enjoy representing our school.