Teacher Halloween Costumes 2017


Sra. Cross and Ms. France at lat year’s Halloween parade.

Teacher Halloween Costumes 2017

Halloween is coming up! The teachers are getting ready too! Some the teachers still don’t know what their Halloween costumes are going to be though. Here are some teachers who know their costumes, and are going to give hints about them!


Ms. Natalie: Ms. Natalie is changing her hair again! This time it’s going to have different colors. Ms. Bello is going to love what Ms. Natalie is going to be for Halloween. Whatever Ms. Natalie is going to be I’m sure it will be exciting.


Mrs. De Roulhac: Mrs. De Roulhac’s clue is cinnamon buns. It makes me think of a galaxy far, far, away. Well, we know the force is with her costume!


Ms. Leah: Ms. Leah’s hint is that her costume is from a modern TV show from CW.  She says that her costume includes pom poms. Ms. Leah is really going to pump up the crowd with her great costume!


Mrs. Gonzalez: Mrs. Gonzalez hints that her costume involves black. Lots of black. She’s sure to light up the sky on Halloween Night with her starry costume!


Mrs. Cresta: Mrs. Cresta hints that her costume is going to be green. It is an animal that lives in in the ocean. Mrs. Cresta is going to just keep swimming, just keep swimming with her costume.


Mr. Jonathan: Mr. Jonathan announces that his costume is a Disney character who can fly, and wears green. The only two I can think of are Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. My bet’s on Tinkerbelle. Mr. Jonathan will fly into Kindergarten Tuesday, October 31!


Ms. Bello: Ms. Bello clues us in that her costume is found in nature. It may be found in the rainforest, Bahamas, Hawaii, Kidspace, The Huntington, or, your front yard. Ms. Bello’s costume will delight every Geographer!


Ms. France: Ms. France isn’t telling anyone what her costume is going to be. All she says is that her costume is going to be good, because of course they always are. We believe you, Ms. France!!!


Sra. Cross: Sra. Cross hints that she is going to be someone from a very well known book. She is going to cast a spell on her homeroom when she walks in on Halloween! Wingardium Leviosa!


Mrs. Slater and Mrs. Renn: Mrs. Slater and Mrs. Renn tell us that their costume is going to involve one of the books they have read to us in Art Class. The book is about a certain art material. Whatever they are going to be, I am sure it will be creative!


Ms. Gripp: The only thing Ms. Gripp is giving away is that her costume involves purple and black. We don’t know what that means but, the costume she’s thinking of will be attract many Oohs and Ahhs!


Those were the the hints for the 2017 teacher’s costumes! Hope you figure them out. If not, you will see the teachers walking around at school with their classes on Halloween!

Happy Halloween Falcons!