Napping and Exercise

Is napping exercise? Well, it is!!!!! At Napercise there are sessions that people sign up to lose weight and clear their minds while sleeping. This is a special class where instead of physical exercise there are beds where people come in and sleep. It is also proven that not enough sleep can cause people to have anxiety and depression; therefore napping does not only burn calories but also causes a human to have a happier and healthier life. How does this work? According to Olivia Blair, the temperature and the sounds in the class are specifically arranged, so that the sleeper loses more calories while sleeping. Even though napping helps put people in a better mood and rejuvenates the mind, it does not burn that many calories compared to exercising for a whole week. This method is insufficient because a person can lose much more weight exercising than losing burning calories while napping. What do you think? Is napping a better way of exercising than physical activity?