Teacher Halloween Costumes 2017: Follow Up

Halloween was last week and the teacher’s costumes were revealed. The teachers had some great costumes in which they expressed their creativity and personality! Here are the answers for what their costumes were for Halloween!


Ms. Natalie: Ms. Natalie temporarily changed her hair again! She was a unicorn! Ms. Bello must have loved her costume!


Mrs. De Roulhac: Mrs. De Roulhac’s clue was cinnamon buns. The force is with her costume! She was Princess Leia!


Ms. Leah: Ms. Leah’s hint was that her costume was from a modern TV show from CW. Ms. Leah was a Betty from Riverdale with Miss Diana as her Veronica! She was pumping up the crowds on Halloween!


Mrs. Gonzalez: Mrs. Gonzalez’s costume involved black. She was the starry night sky! She lit up the sky on Halloween Night with her starry costume!


Mrs. Cresta: Mrs. Cresta costume was green. It was an animal that lives in in the ocean. She was a sea turtle! She just kept swimming right through Halloween!


Mr. Jonathan: Mr. Jonathan’s costume was a Disney character who can fly, and wears green. He was Peter Pan! He flew around the skies with Tinkerbelle on Halloween night!


Mrs. Bello: Mrs. Bello clues us in that her costume is found in nature. She was a storm cloud! Mrs. Bello delighted every Geographer on Halloween!


Ms. France: Ms. France didn’t tell anyone what her costume was going to be. We soon found out though! She was the Mad Hatter! Her costume really was great! We believed you, Ms. France!


Sra. Cross: Sra. Cross hinted that she was going to be someone from a very well known book. Shecast a spell on her homeroom when she walked in on Halloween! Wingardium Leviosa! She was a Gryffindor student! She is a brave soul!


Mrs. Slater and Mrs. Renn: Mrs. Slater and Mrs. Renn told us that their costume was going to involve one of the books they have read to us in Art Class. They were crayons from “The Day the Crayons Quit”! They colored their way through Halloween!


Those were the the answers for the 2017 teacher’s costumes!

Happy Halloween Falcons!