Crafty Corner: Q-Tip Dot Tree

Want to Decorate for Thanksgiving! Then, you’ve found the right place! Thanksgiving is coming up and that means that there is lots of crafting for you to do! Today we are making a polka- dot tree using Q-tips and paint. You can hang this up in your room as a cute Thanksgiving decoration!


You will need…

  1. A pencil
  2. Red paint, Orange paint, Yellow paint, and Brown paint
  3. About 5 Q-tips



  1. First, draw a perfect circle using something round like a plate on the top of the page.
  2. Second, sketch out a trunk of a tree and branches that merge into the circle.
  3. Third, get a Q-tip and dip it into whatever paint you would like to do first.
  4. Then start dotting the circle with paint.
  5. Do the same with all the other colors.
  6. Then you have an awesome fall tree that you can put in your room!

Happy Thanksgiving Falcons!!!