Disney Created their own Streaming App

Recently Disney announced all of their cinematic art pieces would be taken from Netflix and placed on their own streaming app for Disney only. Personally, I believe this is just Disney trying to make a few extra million dollars to add to their empire. The amazing system Netflix already has set up had almost everything someone could want to watch. With this new streaming app Disney will take away at least 100 selections from Netflix’s viewers. I know I like to watch Disney movies on Netflix and now that I have to subscribe to an entirely different service, to pay a fee to is outrageous. I would rather see a setting on Netflix that would allow their subscribers to pay a few extra dollars a month and be able to stream Disney productions. That way, Disney can still have part of the profit but Netflix would probably take a hit in how many people would subscribe to the Disney app rather than Netflix.

If a solution can be made between this two big brands, many people would be happy. Comment your opinion about this topic in the comment section below.