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Homemade Christmas Ornaments

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The finished Reindeer Ornament.

Every Christmas when I’m putting up my ornaments onto my tree I always notice that there are not as many ornaments as there was last year.  Some fall off the tree and break, some are lost, and some are knocked off my tree by my dog.  So instead of going out to buy new ornaments every year, you can instead make them.  Here are two easy ornaments that you can make with items in your house.

  1. Reindeer:  One very easy and simple ornament to make is a reindeer ornament.  You can make this out of 3 popsicle sticks, 2 googly eyes, and one red pom pom. Unfortunately I did not have popsicle sticks so I instead just used bag ties to make the face.  This worked out just fine, however, the ornament was much smaller than if you were to use popsicle sticks.  
    • First: arrange the popsicle sticks in a triangle, but have the popsicle stick at the top of the triangle overlap the other two to make it look like it has antlers.  
    • Second: glue the popsicle sticks, googly eyes, and pom pom in place to make it have the face of a reindeer.
  2. Modern Paper Ornaments or “Onion Bulbs”:  Another easy ornament to make is this paper ornament that looks modern and can be decorated or

    The finished “Onion Bulb” Ornament.

    colored in any way you want. I used white paper for my ornament so that I could draw designs on it, but you can use

    The different sized paper strips that were used to make the “Onion Bulb” Ornament.

    different colored paper, glitter, or anything else that you want.

    • First: Cut five strips of paper as wider as a ruler. Two of the strips 11 inches, two 9 inches, and one 7 ¾ inches.
    • Second: line up all of the strips of paper at one end. Make sure that they are in the order of tall, medium, small, medium, tall. Then attach all of them together with a paper clip.
    • Third:  Line up all of the paper strips on the other side so that the longer pieces bend to create the ornament’s look.  Then attack all of the paper strips together with a paper clip.
    • Fourth:  Taper both ends of the paper so that the paper will stay in place without the paper clips.
    • Fifth:  hole punch one end of the paper so that you can put a string through it so that you can hang the ornament.

These two ornaments are fun and easy to make and if you take care of them will last for a long time.

For more Information On How to Make the Modern Paper Ornament:

Modern Paper Ornament

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Homemade Christmas Ornaments