The Greenglass House

The Greenglass House is a fantastic book by Kate Milford. I’m in seventh grade, and this is one of my favorite books! It is about a boy named Milo who lives in a hotel called The Greenglass House. The hotel is located up a very steep hill. It can only be reached by cable car.  In winter, all is quiet at the hotel because no one sleeps there over the holidays. But this winter is different. People are swarming to the Greenglass House. Milo and the kitchen maid’s daughter, Meddy, decide to investigate. Their investigation leads to a mysterious map in a visitor’s wallet. Want to find out what happens to Milo and Meddy? Read The Greenglass House by Kate Milford. P.S. Kate Milford  just released a second Greenglass House book called Ghosts of the Greenglass House! So, If you like this book, you should read the second one too!