Racer’s Edge Go Kart Racing

I recently went go kart racing with my family at an indoor go kart racing place called Racer’s Edge. At Racer’s Edge you have to register to go racing, then wait and play games until your name is called. The workers will then go over the rules of the track and you will be able to race. You will race on a track for 2.5 miles with 9 turns. The placing in based off of your time and not who passes you so whomever is the fastest will win regardless if the person has passed anyone. There are two races. The first is the basic race for anyone, where you only have to be 50” and wear closed toed shoes. The second race has faster go kart that can reach a higher speed. To go on this race, you either have to be 16 years of age or you have to race in the normal race but reach the qualifying speed which will allow you to do the faster one. While I was here, I went on the normal race because of my age with my parents, then went again with my sister. My parents were able to do the faster race in which they say that the race was almost too fast to control and both were forced to let people pass them, even my car fanatic father. I had a great experience going go kart racing at Racer’s Edge and I had a great time bonding with my family. I would definitely recommend going here if anyone wants to have a fun night out, even with a large group of friends.