El Torito

Last week both seventh grade classes went on a field trip to the restaurant El Torito in Pasadena.  El Torito serves different Mexican foods such as Burritos and quesadillas. On this field trip everyone had to order in Spanish! I ordered a quesadilla along with coca-cola. My first bite into the quesadilla was delicious and flavorful. I liked this quesadilla very much and I would suggest ordering it. El Torito is a very clean and nice restaurant. On this field trip I learned how to order food in Spanish and ask for things. This was a great experience because I got to enjoy this with my class. Both classes had a good time and learned from it.The total price of my Quesadilla and coca-cola was $13.00.  El Torito has very good Mexican food and there is one located in Pasadena.


You can visit an El Torito restaurant at 3333 Foothill blvd, Pasadena, CA