Teacher of The Month- Mrs. Cresta


The teacher of the month for January, 2018 is Mrs. Cresta! If you didn’t know, Ms. Cresta is a Teacher’s Assistant in 2nd grade. She has been a teacher for 16 years. First, a little more about her life before teaching.

Growing up, Mrs. Cresta lived in Lima, Peru. She sort of ended up here, in California, by accident. She came to buy a car and have it shipped to Peru, but ended up falling in love with the state and meeting her husband. So, thank goodness for that, otherwise we would not have Mrs. Cresta as a teacher here at St. Philips!

Mrs. Cresta’s favorite part about teaching is getting to know all the kids. She enjoys helping and playing with them. She also explains that since she was younger, she always knew that she wanted to teach being she loved being with kids. Mrs. Cresta’s favorite part about teaching at St. Philip is, “It is a beautiful environment. The kids, parents, teachers, and staff are all so nice and always there for you.” Previous to teaching, Mrs. Cresta explained that she had a job in accounting for about six years.

A fun fact about Mrs. Cresta is she loves to read Spanish novels and her all-time favorite book is, “all about angels,” or, “todo sobre los ángeles.” Mrs. Cresta is a wonderful teacher and person, a perfect candidate for this Teacher of the Month. Make sure to tune in next time falcons!