Seventh Grade Field Trip to a Buddhist Temple


Recently, seventh grade went to a Buddhist Temple on a field trip. The purpose of this field trip was to learn to respect other religions. The seventh grade went to the largest Buddhist Temple in the Western Hemisphere, the Hsi Lai Temple. The temple was very large and open with about 15 acres. We did not tour the whole property but toured only two of the buildings. We went through the front building where we were introduced to some important figures in Buddhism and were taught about some concepts that Buddhism has, like how they believe that we are all Buddhas because we were make in his image kind of like Christianity believes that we were all created in God’s image. Then, we went to more of the building like the art rooms and the gift shop then to the main shrine where we learned more concepts of Buddhism has. After walking around some of the buildings, we went to the all you can eat vegetarian buffet until it was time to go back to school. This was a great trip and I’m glad that I got to learn about Buddhism.