Valentine’s Day Cards

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On the 14th of February, many people enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day. A well known tradition is to give out valentines or cards to friends and family to show your love and appreciation. Every year people come up with creative ways to bring their ideas to life. This year, an idea for a card would be to get a red plastic shovel, and place a sticker on it that says “I dig you.” Then, you can add it to a nice decorated bag, and add things like candy or gift cards. Another fun idea, involves placing two puzzle pieces that fit together right next to each other on a card, and then writing, “We just fit together” above the puzzle pieces on the card. Lastly, you can also either draw or cut out a printed picture of an owl, and then above it write, “Whoo loves you” because of the sound an owl makes. These ideas are fairly simple, and a good way to make someone else smile, instead of just purchasing a store bought card.

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