Valentine’s Day


I don’t understand why people only think of love on Valentine’s Day when there is always love every day whether it is small or big.

When I woke up this morning, it was nothing special. I sat in bed for a few minutes as I fully woke up. My mom called me into her room and told me that she bought more ham for my sandwiches and more applesauce because she saw that I was out. I thanked her and walked away to start getting ready.

As the time until we left starting running out, I started rushing to finish my breakfast so I could brush my teeth. When I was finished I started stuffing my books into my backpack before we had to rush out of the door to get to a friend’s house on time so that we could drop my sister off. My mom asked me if I was alright. I was very tired so I just went up and hugged her. She did not say anything in return.

We got in the car and started driving to a friend’s house. I thought of how my sister was very proud to get onto honor roll and how my mom was very proud of her too. As we got closer to school, I realized how much love could go around in just one morning when it wasn’t even Valentine’s Day yet.

I thought about how my mom thought of me when she got me applesauce when I ran out. I thought of how my mom told me that she loved it when I just went up and hugged her, that it was better than just getting her a gift on Valentine’s Day. I also thought of how proud my mom was of my sister for getting on honor roll and how you could see in her eyes how proud she was of herself. All these things make me very happy and it has changed how I think of every day. It is almost as if every day is Valentine’s Day if you know where to look.