Flower Duct Tape Pen

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Flower Duct Tape Pen

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Today is the first day of Spring in 2018! To celebrate a time of blooming and new beginnings, we have a flower duct tape pen.

What you will need:

1 roll of duct tape (plain, patterned, or solid colored)
1 pair of scissors
A no-slip surface
A no-click pen or pencil
Green duct tape (Optional)


Cut the duct tape into 2 inch by 1 1/2  inch rectangles

Fold the corners of the squares in to form a triangle. Make sure that part of the square is still sticky.

Wrap this piece of duct tape on the end of you pen/ pencil. Repeat – place the pieces at slightly different levels – until you have a full flower.

Take a strip of green duct tape and cover the center of your pen/ pencil to create a stem. Cut notches on the top of the strip to allow the tape to nicely wrap around the pen.

Your Done!

Thank you for joining us on this first day of Spring to make a fun flower pen! Check back each week for more exciting crafts.

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