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In the past year, many people have started to take on become more mindful, or aware of their surroundings. To obtain mindfulness a popular technique is meditation. Meditation is a great way to clear your mind, and to really just calm down in general. It can either be silent or involve some form of music, and a very popular aspect would be deep breathing. Deep breathing is a great way to refocus, and to become more aware of what is going on around you. When someone’s mind is constantly stressed, it can cause major health problems, physically and mentally. Many people who are constantly stressed out have a higher blood pressure, which could potentially be very dangerous if it continues. This is a major reason as to why more people are trying to become more mindful. When a person is more aware of their surroundings, they are not constantly on edge and worrying about every possible thing happening in that moment, instead they are aware, and calm.


To explain this concept in a more technical way, there is something in the human brain called the amygdala. During a dangerous situation our amygdala, controls the fight, flight, or freeze instinct, which can really help us, but only when we really need it. But, when we don’t need it, it usually just causes us to be more stressed out, because it is constantly taking control and telling us to be scared when we don’t need to be. Our frontal lobe, is a part of our brain responsible for planning and making good choices, so this is the part of your brain you want in charge during stressful situations. A lot of the time your amygdala takes over causing you to make an immediate stressful decision, instead of making a well thought out decision. So, that is why many people are trying to become more mindful, so they make better decisions, and are less stressed out all the time.

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