How to keep your Lenten Promise

Many people have problems keeping to their Lenten promises. Here are a few tips to help you stick with them. Tip one, if you are giving up a food for the 40 days you have to remember that dish is not going anywhere. So you do not need to be eating a food like your life depends on it. That food will be there at the end of the 40 days so do not worry. If you chose to do something more during Lent, you need to set aside time to do that extra act. You must decide what is more important to you, a hobby or God. Then one final tip is to remember that you are doing this to become close to God and that you are doing this for him. So if Jesus can give his life up for you, you can give up something you like for a little over a month. I believe in everyone who is struggling during theses 40 days, you got this!