Why Do We Make Lenten Promises?


You may wonder why we make Lenten Promises. We make Lenten Promises to imitate Jesus just like we are supposed to do in our everyday life.During Lent, we are imitating Jesus when he went into the desert and fasted for 40 days. By giving things up, we are being like Jesus who gave everything up. For these reasons, we have to give up something that we like and most likely have very often like cady, fast food, or arguing with siblings. If we give something up that we do not like, we are not imitating Jesus because he had to give up the things that he loved and not hated. Many people are tempted to break their Lenten Promises, but this is very common. While Jesus was out in the desert, he was tempted by the devil to do things that he knew he was not supposed to do like test God. When we stay true to our Lenten promises, we are staying true to God and Jesus.