Phantom Relays

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This past weekend on Sunday, March 4th, the Saint Philip track team has their first meet of the season. The meet took place at Cathedral High school, and a total of about 7 schools participated. This meet only consists of relay races, so there are no individual events, besides the javelin. The falcons were very successful in this meet, and overall came in 1st place, which is very exciting, and a great start to their season.This was the third grader’s first ever meet, and they all did a fantastic job. Chloe Anido in 3A ran in the 4×50 and the sprint medley relay. The 4×50 is when a total of 4 runners run 50 meters. There are two runners on each side of the 50 meters and each runner must tag the hand of the runner going next. Chloe also ran the sprint medley, which is a relay where two runners run 100 meters, followed my a runner who runs 200 meters, and lastly a runner who runs 340 meters or a lap, they also must pass the baton as soon as each is done with their portion. Lastly Chloe did the javelin throw, and did an excellent job. Kane Cascani ran the same races as Chloe, the 4×50, and the sprint medley, and also did a great job. This first meet was very successful, and was a great way for the falcons to start their season. If you are interested in cheering on the falcons at a meet, I highly suggest attending the Falcon Invitational, which will take place on March 24 at La Salle High School. 

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