The Leprechaun Story

How to Catch a Leprechaun

Hello Friends and Enemies!!! I am a leprechaun and I am going to tell you the story of how a little human boy in first grade tried to catch me. My name is Patrick. Patrick the Leprechaun. Of course, I love playing tricks on people!! That is what we leprechauns do!!! So, one day a little boy named…. I have no idea what his name was. Whoops! Let’s just call him Jack. Jack the annoying little first grade boy. Okay, so one day a little boy named Jack tried to catch me. Yes!!! The little brute tried to catch me! Of all things!!! All the little first graders in Jack’s first grade class at St. Philip the Apostle School wanted to catch me! How ridiculous!!! Anyway, they “cleverly” created these little works of junk that they thought would catch a brilliant little fellow like me.  And of course they thought they were going to catch all of us. (NOT!!!) 🙂

The day before Saint Patrick’s Day, they brought their little toys into Ms. Whatchamacallit’s first grade class and set them up. I think they called them traps… WHAT A JOKE!!!!! I mean seriously they think they can catch us. First graders sure don’t know how to properly catch us. Well, just so they had a little fun I put some candy, toilet paper, green glitter and all sorts of mischievous stuff in their little toys. I also set their “traps”to look like they caught me. Then, I cut holes in them to look like I had escaped. Who can catch a Leprechaun? NOT FIRST GRADERS! Of course that was last year so we’ll see how you do this year!!! Well, good luck catching me all you kids from St. Philip the Apostle School!! I will be waiting for someone smart enough to actually catch me!!! Hehe!! Good luck! (Not!!!)