8th Grade High School Acceptance Letters

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The month of March has been a busy yet exciting time for the 8th grade students at Saint Philip. On March 2nd, the 8th graders heard back from almost all of the high schools, on whether or not they were accepted. Over the past few months, the students have been working very hard to get in, by filling out applications, attending interviews, and taking challenging tests. The schools students applied to consisted of La Salle, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy(FSHA), Mayfield Senior School, Loyola, Saint Francis, Maranatha, Flintridge Prep, LACHSA, and C.S. Arts. Most of the students have the opportunity to attend their first choice, which is fantastic. Leah Boutros in 8A said, “Finishing the application process was the most relieving thing.” Leah will be attending FSHA next year, and is “nervous but also really excited.” Hannah Sherman in 8A said, “I am very happy that the application process is complete because it was a bit stressful.” Hannah will be attending Mayfield Senior School next year, and says she is, “excited and nervous about attending a new school.”Ethan Balcos in 8B is also glad the application process is over, and is very excited to attend La Salle High School in the fall. Lilianna Frias in 8A said she is glad the process is over, but she also says is went by very quickly. Lilianna will be attending La Salle next year, and her advice to future 8th graders is to not stress out about the application process, especially the ISEE or HSPT which are the placement exams, because as long as you are familiar with the material, you will do fine. Mary Sayer in 8A said that the application process wasn’t as hard as she expected, and that she enjoyed it because her motivation was being able to go to highschool in the fall. Mary will be attending La Salle High School, and says she is slightly nervous, but mostly excited to try new things as well as meet new people. Overall the 8th graders did a great job through the application process, and they are all really excited to move on to a new school, but at the same time said to leave Saint Philip.  

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