Easter Cake Pops

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Easter Cake Pops

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Hi, Falcons! Today we will be making cake pops. You can personalize and decorate these however you like. Let’s get started!


  • Any kind of cake baked in a 9×13 inch pan
  • Frosting of any kind, about 4 tablespoons
  • Candy melts in any color (the ones pictured are white)
  • The decoration of your choice (sprinkles are shown)
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Mini cupcake liners


  1. Add your cake to a large bowl.
  2. Crumble until it looks like gravel.
  3. Add in frosting a little bit at a time until cake is moist and can hold a ball shape, yet still slightly crumbly.
  4. Use your hands to mix the frosting into the cake crumbs.
  5. Use a mini ice cream scoop and scoop out a ball of your cake mixture.
  6. Roll the mixture into a tight ball with your hands and place on a plate.
  7. Repeat until all the cake mixture has been rolled into balls.
  8. Melt some candy melts in the microwave.
  9. Dip the tip of the lollipop sticks into the white chocolate and insert into the cake balls about half-way.
  10. Freeze for about 20 minutes.
  11. While the pops are freezing, prepare all of your decorating supplies.
  12. Melt the remaining chocolate in a large cup. Make sure you have enough chocolate to completely submerge the cake ball. Empty you sprinkles into a bowl.
  13. Remove cake balls from freezer.
  14. Dip cake balls carefully into the chocolate until covered.
  15. Let the excess chocolate drip off. Swirl and tap gently if needed.
  16. Add the sprinkles while the chocolate is still wet. It will harden quickly, so work fast.
  17. Stick the decorated cake pop into a styrofoam block to finish setting.
  18. Place into the freezer if you want to make the process quicker.
  19. Once set, you can turn them upside down and put them in mini cupcake liners, or just leave them as they are.
  20. Enjoy!

Thank you for reading this article falcons. I hope you will try this recipe. Have fun baking!

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