Deadly Plane Crash In Nepal

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On March 12, 2018, there a was plane crash in Nepal that killed about 50 people, including the flight’s crew members. The plane crashed because when it came to land on the runway, it entered on the wrong side. It was supposed to enter the runway on the southern side, but instead landed on the northern side and crashed when it hit the runway.  Since the crash, the reason for why the plane entered the runway on the wrong side and crashed has not been confirmed. However, right now the airline manager of US-Bangla Airlines which was the airline whose plane crashed, is saying that the airport gave the plane the wrong landing information. Likewise, the airport is saying that they gave the airplane the correct information, but the pilots did not follow it.  No one knows for sure which allegation is correct and still, no one knows exactly whose fault the crash was. There are investigations going on now to determine all of these things, but they may take a while before they can determine for sure whose fault the crash was. No matter whose fault the crash was, it was still a terrible event, and we should pray for the families of the people who died.


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