March Madness PLC and LC Results


The month of March was filled with March Madness buzz. After a whole month, we were left with 2 winners. Both worked incredibly hard by writing book reviews and reading books like crazy! 8A beat 5B in an epic dual that was so incredibly close… 1318 to 1176. 2A beat 1B by only 5 points! You can only imagine the competitive vibes during these few weeks. It was honestly such a fun experience because everyone was so determined. The day winners were being announced, there was excitement in the air. Finally, the winners were announced and all you could hear was cheering throughout the whole school! In the video below you can see how passionate 8A was about winning. For more details on how the competition went weekly in earlier rounds, read Ms. Natalie’s article:

How much did you enjoy the 2018 SPAS 2018 March Madness competition? I sure hope you had a blast and look forward to reading!