Student Emotional Wellness

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As students get older they begin to become more and more busy, as well as independent, and as their schedules become more packed, this can cause some stress or even excitement. It is important that all students are not only physically well, but also mentally well. Going to school requires a lot of mental strength because you have to be able to sit inside and focus for most of the day. Sometimes school can get busy, and when this happens it is really important for students to be able to stay positive and to not get too down on themselves when things don’t go their way. This is leaning more towards students in 5-8th grade because as they mature, they also become more aware of their successes as well as their mistakes, and when they are more aware of their mistakes, they may feel bad about themselves. Saint Philip is trying to help students feel better mentally so, they are thinking about joining, The Choose Love Enrichment Program. This program is open to students in a PreK-12th grade, and the goal is to help teachers and students “Choose Love” in all aspects of a school so that students are resilient and emotionally aware of what is going on around them. The hopeful goal of this program is to reduce all stress and anxiety among students, increase their self-esteem, increase their self-awareness, and help them to be more willing to try difficult tasks. If Saint Philip does choose to adopt this program, students will greatly benefit and become better all around students.

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