Before and After

Before and After

Before I was adopted, I lived in a shelter. It was a very boring life. I was fed, I got water, but I did not have time to play. Everyday, people would come into the shelter and look at all the dogs including myself. None of them wanted me. I saw many different pets adopted, but no one even looked at me. The shelter was filled with many different breeds of dogs. We all had something in common: we were all small and young. I never saw an old dog in my part of the shelter.

One day, a little girl came into the shelter. She was perfect, I knew that she just HAD to take my home. She, her mom, and her sister started looking at all of the other dogs. The family looked at the Pomeranian a couple places from where I stayed. Then, the sister of the girl spotted me. I was so excited! I started running in circles looking at the family. The mother still loved the Pomeranian so the family went back to the little Pomeranian a few doors down. A few moments later, they left. What the family did not know was that the owner was planning on adopting the little Pomeranian in a few days.

I remember when the Pomeranian was adopted. The owner was very excited to take a new little dog home. The Pomeranian was very excited too, she got a new home away from all of the other dogs at the shelter. I remember she told me how perfect the owner was and how I felt when she told me she would going to get adopted. I knew that I wanted to be adopted so bad. I knew that I wanted a family.

A few days later, after the Pomeranian left, the mother of the girl came back. I was ecstatic! The mother went to the front of the building where she found out that the Pomeranian was already adopted. She looked very sad about not getting the Pomeranian. At that point, I was running back and forth in my place waiting for the mother to look at me. Eventually, she did.

Before I knew it, I was walking down the street with the mother when I had to get into a car. I sat in the car next to the woman for awhile until we arrive at a large building. We got out of the car and stood in a long line of people. When we got to the front of the line, the little girl and her sister came out of the building. I was so happy! I wagged my tail back and forth as fast as I could when the little girl saw me.

Over the next few days, my life got better and better. The family took me to a pet store to get a collar, leash, food, water, toys and my very own name tag. My new name was Gummy.