Junior High Retreats

A few weeks ago,  the 6th and 7th grade classes went on a retreat at the Saint Joseph Salesian Youth Retreat Center. The two grades participated in different activities and became closer to God and each other. The 8th graders went on their retreat a week later. The 7th graders participated in a few activities. In the first activity each 7th grader partnered up. One partner was blindfolded and was the car, the other student was the driver and had to maneuver their car throughout the other students. If the car was hit on the arms both students were out. If the two groups ran into each other both groups were out. This activity represented God guiding us through our life. In another activity the guide gave each student a white cardboard piece which we had to use to describe ourselves. These papers were later put into a puzzle. In the next activity the instructor had us all pray in a group. Later, he brought out a box covered in wrapping paper and a blanket. He gave every student a chance to look inside the box, and not tell anyone else. In the box, there was a glass mirror. In the fourth and final activity, there was a rope 10 feet away from us. The instructor would read statements and if they applied to us we would walk across the rope and if they didn’t we stayed. This activity helped us reach out of our comfort zones. This retreat was very fun and I’m sure the other two were as well.