7th Grader Thoughts on 8th Grade in Washington D.C.


Every year, the 8th graders go to Washington D.C for one week once a year. The 8th graders learn a lot about our country in their time in Washington D.C but back at the St. Philip, the 7th graders are learning new things as well. When the 8th graders are in Washington D.C, the one Tuesday that they are gone, it is up to the 7th graders to pick up their school families and make sure that everyone is behaving during Mass. This really gives the 7th graders a small peek into what they will have to do in the next year. Through all nine years that you go to St. Philip there is always a grade above your class, until 8th grade. While the 8th graders were gone, the 7th graders got to feel what it was like to no longer have a class above theirs. This was quite different than usual and getting our school families from their classrooms for the first time was also very difficult. So while the 8th graders were away learning, the 7th graders were learning different lessons back at school in peeking into the life of an 8th grader.